Your Beauty Coach

Gifted, Creative, Determined, Passionate, and Sincere are all words that have been used to describe Professional Makeup Artist/ Male Groomer, Beauty and Image Coach, NaTasha Nichol.

With over fourteen (14) years in the beauty industry, NaTasha Nichol, is passionate about fulfilling her destiny and purpose. Making others feel beautiful and healed, from the inside/out, has forever been a mission of hers.

NaTasha has had the esteem pleasure of working with today’s most influential people in the entertainment industry, from Award Winning R&B Singers, New Edition to the beautiful actress, director and producer, Issa Rae (to name a few). She loves traveling the world, to discover new ways of creating signature, stylish, and classic looks for Television and Film, Music Videos, Bridal and Runway, or wherever beauty is present.

Throughout her journey, she has been afforded the opportunity to meet people, from all walks of life, whom have (in some shape or form), touched her life, as well as she leaving an imprint on their hearts.  NaTasha began to see that there was a need to not only educate women about beauty and technique; but also empower and uplift them.

As a woman wearing many hats, from mother to a business professional; life has a tendency of become challenging.  Many cases, we tend to place our needs on the back burner and focus on everyone else around us. This was the case for NaTasha Nichol and she found herself, literally fighting for her life and her purpose.  That is when she had no other choice, but to start speaking life into herself, through countless motivational and inspirational quotes. 

"If we are no good to ourselves, how can we be a benefit to others?

It was through the power of her own tongue, that she was able to reclaim her purpose, her power, and the beautiful value of life.  Hence, the birthing of the "Beauty Space Boutique" by NaTasha Nichol.

The purpose of this community, is to enhance and uplift the esteem of women, through beauty, style, and education.

Jump aboard, as we “teach, touch, and transform lives through beauty.”